First Steps

Here’s the thing: I don’t want to write this blog.

Frankly, it’s because the whole blogging thing is a bit scary. I’m an introvert, after all. I’m just as happy to spend my weekends playing games and chatting online as going out. I don’t share much to anyone besides family and a couple very close friends. Flinging words and thoughts and stuff out into the universe isn’t my thing. Who’s going to read them? What will they think? Will they like them? Hate them? Will they even care?

It cames down to this fact: I’m scared. Because I might be a terrible blogger. Because maybe no one will care.

It’d be easier just not to do it.

But you don’t learn much by doing the easy thing. You can’t improve if you don’t even try. You can’t succeed if you’re not okay with failing. And learning is something that matters to me. I love being both the student and the teacher. I love not just learning new things, but working on the mechanism of learning itself.

So in this blog, let’s talk about learning. Let’s talk about improving. Let’s talk about not trying to be just good, not just great, but the best.

And let’s see if I can learn a thing or two about blogging on the way.