Another Quick Update

Apologies for the lack of recent updates – been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve got something exciting coming, though, I promise – Friday, my friend Sean and I recorded a pretty cool video that will hopefully be the first of many on storytelling. It should be available in the new few days, and when it’s up I’ll have a longer update to talk about it.

I’ve been working away at the second draft of the Wildfire Crown. Largely, it’s been going very well. I’m in the late middle right now, about 65,000 words in, which is where the first draft was the weakest; I’m making progress, but it’s tough. My goal was to have this draft done by Christmas. I might hit that, but unfortunately I think I’ll still need to do a third draft before I can give it to anyone for critique, to try to hammer out a couple rough spots.

In the meantime, please enjoy some Christmas cheer, served to you by the always-incredible voices of Pentatonix!


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