An Ending of Sorts

Yesterday, I wrote the last few scenes at the end of my novel, The Wildfire Crown.

Despite the myriad drafts the novel has gone through, it was the first time I felt like I’d brought it to some sense of completion. There had always been holes before. Not to say it’s perfect now, but what I can say is the entire novel, chapter one to thirty nine, is a complete story.

It felt absolutely amazing.

Now, there’s still a lot of work to be done. I have some additional scenes I want to insert in, and a number of chapters that need to be rewritten. After that I hope to send the novel to beta readers for critique, before beginning a final round of polishing. I’m not totally sure how long that all will take – I’m very optimistically hoping only a couple months, but it could easily go longer than that.

I credit the two week break to write my short story for giving me the distance necessary to fill in those last few scenes.  The hardest thing about writing for me is the way you lose objectivity about your own stories. I write a scene and I’ll have absolutely no idea if it’s great or terrible. Worse, sometimes I’ll write a great scene and read it a week later and find it mediocre. At least the reverse also occurs; I had one early chapter that I absolutely hated when I wrote it. I read it again last night, expecting it to be a total train-wreck, and instead found it okay with a couple rough patches.

I look forward to being done with this project; as much as I love the story, I’m getting sick of it. I want it to be out in the world (or whatever aether novels sit in while awaiting the decision of agents / editors).  I want to share it with people, and hope that I’ve crafted at least one moment that means as much to the reader as it did to me writing it.


Next week, I’ll be attending Superstars Writing Seminar in Colorado Springs. . Last years trip was the impetus to creating this blog. I can’t wait to see what I learn this time – I’ll be sure to write all about it when I get back!

Today’s video: another fantastic performance by Pentatonix. Enjoy 🙂


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