Heavy Stuff

I’ve written about James Owen a couple times before. I’ve met him at all three of the Superstars seminars I’ve attended, and he drew the cool dragon on the back of my kobo I blogged about last post.

I’ve talked about how inspiring James is. I haven’t mentioned his own struggles with anxiety and suicidal depression, though he’s hinted at them before. A few days after the seminar ended, he wrote about them in depth here.

It’s a moving and worthwhile read. I also recommend reading the follow-up here. 

Suicide is a taboo topic.  That’s unfortunate, because it means for those in pain, it makes it all the harder to talk about. The theme to much of what James teaches is openness. That means being open about the good and the bad. Like him, I believe such openness connects people further, but it takes at times, as his post shows, tremendous courage.


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